Which Telco to Choose in United States California?

I just touched down in California the second week and I have gotten my mobile phone number.
I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Malaysia and I love this phone very much. Hence, to find a number using my Note 5, wherein the United States they called it, unlocked phone, I have to search for the sim card that is able to use with unlocked phone.
Locked phone means, the phone is tie to a respective telecommunication company, for example AT&T, T-Mobile and etc.

While finding the suitable mobile plan for myself, I have been doing researching on either to go for prepaid or postpaid. At first, I plan to subscribe to one of my friend's principal line, where I only need to pay $20 every month, for 2.5GB of data and unlimted call and text. This is so far the best deal I ever know. However, his line is fulled with 10 sub-line under him. Hence, I would need to go for other plan. Oh, by the way, he is using T-mobile. If you are able to find more than 5 people under your sub-line, then you may get this deal too.

End up, I decided to go for prepaid because, I am very looking forward to Note 8 and plan to sign up the Locked Phone plan if it has a good deal ^.^V

My objective is to find a plan with around 2GB data plan and able to call and text per charge. My purpose is to be able to have my future employer to call me for interview while able to use the data to use google map. There is a lot of choices of plan with unlimited data, text and call which is not really suitable for my case at this moment.

Below are the analysis I did for myself based on the information I have. There are still a lot of choices for example Net10, Sprint, StraightTalk and etc but I did not continue my survey, because to find a job for me is more important :)

Hence, with the analysis above, I choose Walmart Family Mobile which is powered by T-Mobile but exclusively to sell in Walmart.

If you would like to use this sim card, you may actually order it online and pick up at the store.
What you need to purchase is, Walmart Family Mobile BYOP sim kit ($ 0.94) If you choose to pick up the price will be $0.94, if you used shipment, it will be $0.98 and a Service Plan which you need to purchase it from the store.

The reason I will comment to purchase online is because, not every Walmart has this sim kit ready in the store, I went to 2 walmart store near to my place, it doesn't have stock and end up I purchase it online.

 For my case I purchase a $29.88 2GB, unlimted talk and text plan. Below are the plan you can purchase from the store and remember to get it scanned only it can be used

1GB - $24.88
2GB - $29.88
5GB - $39.88
13GB - $49.88

Once you have both of these sim card starter kit and plan, you may continue to call 1-877-440-9752 to activate your sim card. Be ready on the SIM Card Number at the back of your SIM Card and Service Plan Pin, at the back of your service plan card.

All the BEST to you all! :)


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