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Which Telco to Choose in United States California?

I just touched down in California the second week and I have gotten my mobile phone number.
I am using Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Malaysia and I love this phone very much. Hence, to find a number using my Note 5, wherein the United States they called it, unlocked phone, I have to search for the sim card that is able to use with unlocked phone.
Locked phone means, the phone is tie to a respective telecommunication company, for example AT&T, T-Mobile and etc.

While finding the suitable mobile plan for myself, I have been doing researching on either to go for prepaid or postpaid. At first, I plan to subscribe to one of my friend's principal line, where I only need to pay $20 every month, for 2.5GB of data and unlimted call and text. This is so far the best deal I ever know. However, his line is fulled with 10 sub-line under him. Hence, I would need to go for other plan. Oh, by the way, he is using T-mobile. If you are able to find more than 5 people under your sub-line, then you …