Step by Step Applying Employment Authorization Documents (EAD) for L2 Holder

I feel a bit insecure when reading the steps in the website to apply Employment Authorization Documents (EAD). It asked to fill in 2 pages of form and submit together with the required document with USD410 and post it. I am not sure how you all feel, but I just feel a little insecure to ask me to post these with such a huge amount of money to post man. However, yes, I am here to give you the confident that, these steps are work! I gotten my EAD in less than 2-month.

Here is the steps I took and the duration it takes. Hope it helps you :)
1. Visit this website and read the latest information and get the latest application form.
2. Read the instruction -- Instructions for Form I-765 (PDF, 332 KB)
3. Fill in I-765 - > How I fill in my form, please refer to below details

The documents I attached together to mail to the USCIS
1. Filled Form I-765
2. Cheque with USD 410, you may want to check the latest price for filing fee
3. L1 approval notice of spouse
4. Copy of Passport
5. Copy of Visa
6. Copy of I-94
7. Two photographs
8. L1 Blanket approval notice - I129S from your spouse
9. Copy of Marriage Certificate

I sent out the documents on 27th March 2017
There is a status update saying they received my application on 7th April 2017
The EAD being approved on 8th May 2017 - It is also the start date on my EAD card
I received my physical card on 15th May 2017

You may check your status online with WAC ID

Wish you BEST of LUCK & Wish me find a good job soon ^.^V


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