A new life - 2nd Half

I am 29 years old 9 months, approaching 30
Well, I started my second half with the man I love, although without my family around
It will be perfect if my family are all here with me, but life is not work in this way, you cannot have everything you want.
Tell you what, I feel so blessed to have them as my family and they all are making my life so PERFECT

Why would I say, 2nd half? As I think women over 30, is suppose to have a new life, a new beginning. Just the way I see it works. :)

So, ya, where I spend my second half?
Yeah Yeah, I am in the United States. Started a wonderful & excited life with my Bear

I resigned from Keysight, it indeed taking me a lot of courage to do this decision but I know it is the best decision for me.
The most thing holding me back in this company, is I met the BEST boss I ever know, Ravi.

He is, Handsome, undeniable :)
But of course this is not the reason that I said he is the best.
Is he considerate? Yes
Is he supportive? Yes
Is he stand on your shoes? Yes
Is he outstanding in his expertise? Yes
Is he coaching you well? Yes
Is he playful? Yes, but during work, he is serious
He is a boss that you willing to sacrifice your own things to do whatever to help him success
He is able to make me feel guilty when I not get my job done perfectly
Working with him, doesn't make you an obligation to do your job, but you do it, because you hope for his success.
Top up, he is very generous as well.
I hope he has a bright future!

Come back to me
How I start my life here?
I am holding L2 (Spouse Visa - sometime still not used to my title become Mrs from Ms) Visa, so to find a job here, I will need to apply Employment Authorization Document. If you are insterested to know more details, please go to my EAD application experience

I gotten my EAD earlier than I expected and earlier than many of the people I know who are applying this working permit.
I am gonna start looking for a job. Looking back my diaries, I found that, I am always following the path where it is consider the best with my qualification. I am thinking to fight and work on something I really passion with. Try to DREAM BIG and I hope this DREAM may come through!

While looking for job, I would like to continue my Yoga practice. I am searching for a good Yoga center where I can improve my strength. If anyone of you know there is any out there, please please please comment below to let me know. I will continue with Core Power Yoga center practice where I think it is the best at this moment.

To be a resident here, of course I need to get a permanent phone number! I survey for a few telco, T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, Cricket, Straight Talk.
So far, I plan to go for prepaid, as I am waiting for the Note 8 plan which could be happened on August
I yet decided which telco to choose at this moment, will share out my analysis once I have more information.
*I have chosen my telco, check it out here*

Besides, get a Driving License! I read the ........... I am gonna read again and take the written test.
Will share with you all the details after I get it all done!

Oh, by the way, I gotten my new laptop from my Bear *kisses*
I told him my requirement and he source it and buy it *Feel so Happy to have him*
He always know what is the best one for me!

So, I am a grown up person, I hope I can be more discipline and continue my blog post :D

Should I set a resolution? :p
1. Get my DREAM job at my DREAM company
2. Get a Driving License
3. Continue my Yoga practice
4. Master my cooking skill to feed my husband become white white fat fat
5. Take good care of my new Home
6. Contact my family frequently
7. Get my marriage course done
8. Hope my bear health getting better with me at his side
9. Sounds...good?

WISH ME LUCK friends :)


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