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Random #14

26th February 2017 3:18 pm San Jose, California

Since I am waiting for my stomach to digest in order to go shower. Let me use this waiting time to write down today's log.
As usual, we had our Bacon Bagel Breakfast, my favourite breakfast with a cup of Venti coffee from him :)))) Happiness Boom! After that, we tidy the house, wash the bathroom and change to the gym!

Wanted to write down some small little thing that he does for me, where I am very touched! 1. He bought a new set of toiletries to welcome me back to San Jose. He is a big man, but he always thinks of these little small things to make me feel at home. 2. Same go to, he bought me a new set of a chair, table, monitor for me to have a work station. *Sweet* *Sweet*

3. A bouquet of flower he gives it to me, romantic, not?
4. I was having bad jetlag, sleep like no day and night. He prepared the breakfast and wake me up for about one week and still counting. I am gonna wake up on time in order to prepare breakfast together w…