2016 - US (2) Redwood National Park Trip - Day 1

We started to plan this trip quite late, due to the uncertain work schedule.
We searched for a few nice place to stay but after the confirmation of the schedule, those cabin/hotel already fully booked.
End up we booked our stay at Holiday Inn Express Klamath Redwood National Park
It is a very comfortable stay and it is very near to the trail we planned to hike 
James Irvine - Miners Ridge Loop
Next time I hope we can experience camping in the redwood or RV stay!

Why we choose James Irvine -Miners Ridge Loop, or should say, why I choose?
I search for the trail information in google and saw tons of choices, then I started to confuse 
I read through the description for a certain trail and found that many people comment that this is the Best trail in redwood because you not only able to view the tall big tree, you will pass by Fern Canyon and Gold Bluffs Beach, another word, the not-so-boring trail

After confirmed on the trail, we book our stay in Holiday Inn, follow by food. 
Yelp is always our best buddy when we look for food, ok, there are food restaurant around that area and we will have our lunch during the hike, as the hike might take whole day, then...we are done!

Honestly, after confirmed on everything and I read again the trail information for better preparation, I started to worry if I able to complete the trail. It is a 13-miles loop, sounds not so hard, but reading more and more information, some people comment that it is not an easy trail. I am not a super fit women but to compare with many people, I averagely exercise 3-4 times a week in a not busy schedule, the exercise including Cardio or Strength, but if to compare to those girl with a perfect body line, I believe I am not as fit as them. Hence, I brought a lot of energy bar with me :p

Our trip is 3 days 2 nights, the first day we drive to redwood and 2nd day we hike then the last day we drive back to home.
We started our trip by having breakfast in safeway and at the same time we can buy our drinking water and of course coffee is a must!

After 3-hour drive, we stopped by a small town called Willits to have our lunch
Willits is a small town, where I find people there are very friendly
The whole town give me a feeling of like a big family

Our lunch place is - Nikos Gyro Shop
It is greek cuisine - trying something new :)

Their menus are very special to me
We pick Gyro, Bklava, Glyko and Cypriot Coffee
Their coffee come together with something look like dates to eat together
Not the type of coffee we used to drink but really special to try

 Inside the restaurant is rather small but it does has a very cute and cozy patio behind the restaurant

The painting at the wall look like you are eating at the real Greek
(Ok, I am not really good at editing/capturing photo, but the painting is cute)

After we finished the lunch and we are looking for washroom, the small city here has a public washroom inside a kind of like CDRAMA Shop, the folks inside are very friendly
After we finish our business, and about to leave, an uncle stop us a give us these two sweet watermelon.
We not even purchase any of the things they sell inside, somemore, we used their washroom
Me and Jo are look at each other give the expression like, shall we purchase something as a return?
I feel so warm, touch and couldn't find a word to describe my feeling.

I doubt for a while should I take the watermelon, what is their culture there, what should I do
Then a lady just said, take it sweetheart, it is serious
We say thanks and we left.
I am so regret that I didn't take a photo with them and didn't take down the photo of the shop
Thanks to google street view, here is the shop that I mentioned with some friendly and good uncle and auntie inside
Uncle Auntie, Thank you very much for the hospitality
You make me believe that there are still a lot of good people in this world

Willits is about 2 hours plus to Klamath
so the time is still early and we decided to drop by Giant of Avenue
Which is one of the stop by location I am very looking forward

The entrance required five dollar and it was a holiday period, so we wait for more than one hour though the ranger told us it will be 40 minutes 
But it is worth, I really hope to see this big tree and shoot some photos

As the time is getting quite near to dinner time, we change our plan to stop by another city - Leggette to have our dinner
Jo always very good at finding the place with very nice view by only looking at google map, not google it like me " Best view dinner..." "Top 10 best view..."
He just swipe on google map, and go to that place and always with awesome view

Haha..the weather is, cold because windy but the sun is like a spotlight shine at you...

While we were walking across the lake paktor-ing, seeing people holding Ice Cream
Of course we got lure to find where can we eat that Ice Cream
We both have sweet tooth

 The taste of the ice-cream kind of like Bi-rite ice cream (so far, the best ice cream I ever tried)

Continue our journey to our hotel

Love road trip with Jo <3 p="">

To be continued.......


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