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2016 - US (2) Redwood National Park Trip - Day 1

We started to plan this trip quite late, due to the uncertain work schedule. We searched for a few nice place to stay but after the confirmation of the schedule, those cabin/hotel already fully booked. End up we booked our stay at Holiday Inn Express Klamath Redwood National Park It is a very comfortable stay and it is very near to the trail we planned to hike  James Irvine - Miners Ridge Loop Next time I hope we can experience camping in the redwood or RV stay!
Why we choose James Irvine -Miners Ridge Loop, or should say, why I choose? I search for the trail information in google and saw tons of choices, then I started to confuse  I read through the description for a certain trail and found that many people comment that this is the Best trail in redwood because you not only able to view the tall big tree, you will pass by Fern Canyon and Gold Bluffs Beach, another word, the not-so-boring trail
After confirmed on the trail, we book our stay in Holiday Inn, follow by food.  Yelp is al…