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Hello!! I am in US now ^.^V

My flight started with enjoying in a nice lounge The lounge I visited was "The Wing" Their wantan mee is superb, especially the wantan I went to shower too, it is refreshing According to Bear, the best shower is at "The Pier" The best food is at "The Cabin" Gonna tried it next time *Mix Feeling* Wanted to try but think of the coming of September =.= Anyway, enjoy now first
I touch down with the surprise roses from this sweet man and his new car
A man who knows how to cook is always a bonus to a girl and, I have that man

I am already here for 4-day but, I am tie with my work and not able to do any visiting or shopping yet Well, today is Friday! Hopefully I able to enjoy in the weekend
More to come for our coming Redwood National Park Hike! I believe it will be a wonderful hike Feel excited to see the tallest tree in the world!