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I came towards this book from my brother
I like to read but I am not the kind of people can keep reading on a book even if the content is boring
Hence, usually I will ask around those "Read Book" people for good book recommendation

The title of this book attracted me 
"Search Inside Yourself" by Chade - Meng Tan
He was one of the early google engineer & a pioneer of this "Search Inside Yourself"

I like this book
I am a Yoga practitioner, though I might not a good Yoga people yet, but I try to.
(Clarify, Yoga is not only Asana)
Yoga required a balance of everything
Meditation is part of the Yoga practice
Somehow, I find meditation is so hard for me and the problem is, I not even know when I am practicing meditation, am I doing the right way?
This book helped me to understand the step by step towards the right direction into Mindfulness Practice

Sometimes I hear people said, we need to have awareness
I am thinking, if we have awareness, how can we relax? Awareness sounds very tension to me
Seems like you need to focus and alert while aware of every single little air that pass through your ears *tiring*
From this book, I learn that, awareness is not tiring, in fact, it could be happier 
Mindfulness practice give you 
1. Calmness
2. Clarity
3. Happiness

Emotional Intelligence is something command sense to me & I thought everyone has it
While I grow up, I notice that it is not 
Emotional Intelligence is (quote from the book) The ability to monitor one's own & others feelings & emotions to discriminate among them & use this information to guide one's thinking & action
You might think that, you have or maybe you really have this ability
However, what surprising me is, when I did the practice in the book, I only realize, I not even know what is my feeling sometimes
Emotional Intelligence contained:
1. Self-awareness
2. Self-regulation
3. Motivation
4. Empathy
5. Social Skill
(1-3) is Intrapersonal intelligence
(4-5) is Interpersonal intelligence

This makes me recall, Yoga is not about meditation only & it is not only Asana 
I like the intro of Ashtanga Yoga: The Eight-Fold Path
1. Yama
2. Niyama
    Great effort
    Faith in God
3. Asana
    Posture, such as the Yoga Practice in the gym/Yoga class in modern days
4. Pranayama
    Breathing control
5. Pratyahara
    Control the sense (taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing)
6. Dharana
7. Dhyana
8. Samadhi
    Goal of Yoga
Many people is practicing the (3) one but sadly said that a lot not even fulfill the (1) and (2)

Back to the topic...
What is happiness?
It is not just mood, not just pleasure feeling, not fleeting of emotion
It is a profound emotional balance stuck by a subtle understanding of how the mind function (quote from the book)
Last time, I used to think that, how good if I am a robot, so that I won't be swing by my emotion then I can achieve a lot of my life goal
Now I change how I think, yes, I want to be still able to feel all the emotion, but i want to monitor and control and be friend with him, yet I can still achieve a lot of my life goal *practicing*

Meditation is like exercise in gym but it is exercise in your brain
When attention wanders away from our breath, we bring it back, it is actually a good way to exercise the brain
My own experience is, i am an active girl since I was young, when I grew up, somehow I don't know why I getting fatter and fatter, I have myself to go to exercise every weekend, it was something very hard and time wasting for me, but now, I exercise almost everyday, and if you asked me to stop, I will feel not comfortable; so, the beginning of meditation is just like the early stage of picking up the habit of exercise *now I am at the early stage, hopefully I can went through the tough part and be able to practice everyday*

Let it go, means?
It is an invitation
Generously allow recipient to choose whether or not to accept. We are Happy either way. (quote from the book)
I find this definition is very good. Sometimes people will say they already let go, is it true?
Just like forgiveness, if you really forgive, you are able to let go. Not suppress or hold the feeling or hide it.

Mindfulness not only can practice while sitting
It can be practice while walking, listening, or doing conversation

Process of Happiness
Higher purpose > Passion > Pleasure
In your whole life, you need to know the higher purpose of your life, do it, then you will own the happiness, then, do the things you have passion on and pleasure is a happiness that give you a short moment of enlightening

Some "wow" facts from this book:
1. The happiest person in this world
2. Traditional black cab in London need to memorize 25,000 street in London & all its points of interest in your head. They went through intense training for 2-4 years (they are not just a normal driver). Hippo-campus of these cab are bigger than average people
3. Manager/bosses always ask us do our work in innovation and creative way. An interesting research in this book. Monetary incentives work well for routine, rule-base work; jobs that required creativity, monetary incentives do not work. I am agree with that. On top of that, my own opinion, in order to be creativity, if you are doing what you are passion with, I think it comes easily. I believe this is the reason I join marketing :)

 I strongly recommend this book. I love it and I believe, I will read it again in the future.
Thanks to the author for sharing this world peace book.
And, thanks to my lovely brother for always introducing me good book.
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