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Search Inside Yourself - Checked

I came towards this book from my brother I like to read but I am not the kind of people can keep reading on a book even if the content is boring Hence, usually I will ask around those "Read Book" people for good book recommendation
The title of this book attracted me  "Search Inside Yourself" by Chade - Meng Tan He was one of the early google engineer & a pioneer of this "Search Inside Yourself"
I like this book I am a Yoga practitioner, though I might not a good Yoga people yet, but I try to. (Clarify, Yoga is not only Asana) Yoga required a balance of everything Meditation is part of the Yoga practice Somehow, I find meditation is so hard for me and the problem is, I not even know when I am practicing meditation, am I doing the right way? This book helped me to understand the step by step towards the right direction into Mindfulness Practice
Sometimes I hear people said, we need to have awareness I am thinking, if we have awareness, how can we rela…