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Rich Dad, Poor Dad -- Checked

Ha, Hah! I am done reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert T.Kiyosaki
Lesson learned
1. I used to say I do not care of $$ and there are many things more important than that; Now I know, I were one of the person mentioned in the book who scare of hard thing so claim that I do not care which is easier. "The avoidance of money is just as psychotic as being attached to money". I feel confusing while dealing with money, How many zero is billion? I just feel so hard to understand. Now, I know I shouldn't be avoiding it and saying that I don't care it, in fact, I am not don't care it, I just avoid it. I must learn, learn and continue to learn, until I know billion has 9-zero.
2. EMOTION --> Energy in motion. Turn the emotion to an energy
3. Handle Fear & Desire
4. Learn to think with your emotion; not use your emotion to think
5. Intelligence solves problems and produces money
6. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
7. Differentiate your assets & liability
8. Keep your day…

Random #13

You know, I love rainy day Sometimes I do not want to admit it because it sounds moody Raining make me feel good Not to say I do not like sunny day (Am I sounds like not admit it again?) I guess it is just too hot
I always like to sit beside the window watching and enjoying the rain drop So, I want to have a room with a seat near to the window Full glass of window that can see through the green green grass outside Come with a cup of coffee and read my favourite book It will be perfect, if rainbow is out there when the sun come out

*Happy Wesak Day*