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2016 - US (2) Redwood National Park Trip - Day 1

We started to plan this trip quite late, due to the uncertain work schedule. We searched for a few nice place to stay but after the confirmation of the schedule, those cabin/hotel already fully booked. End up we booked our stay at Holiday Inn Express Klamath Redwood National Park It is a very comfortable stay and it is very near to the trail we planned to hike  James Irvine - Miners Ridge Loop Next time I hope we can experience camping in the redwood or RV stay!
Why we choose James Irvine -Miners Ridge Loop, or should say, why I choose? I search for the trail information in google and saw tons of choices, then I started to confuse  I read through the description for a certain trail and found that many people comment that this is the Best trail in redwood because you not only able to view the tall big tree, you will pass by Fern Canyon and Gold Bluffs Beach, another word, the not-so-boring trail
After confirmed on the trail, we book our stay in Holiday Inn, follow by food.  Yelp is al…

2016_US (1)

Hello!! I am in US now ^.^V

My flight started with enjoying in a nice lounge The lounge I visited was "The Wing" Their wantan mee is superb, especially the wantan I went to shower too, it is refreshing According to Bear, the best shower is at "The Pier" The best food is at "The Cabin" Gonna tried it next time *Mix Feeling* Wanted to try but think of the coming of September =.= Anyway, enjoy now first
I touch down with the surprise roses from this sweet man and his new car
A man who knows how to cook is always a bonus to a girl and, I have that man

I am already here for 4-day but, I am tie with my work and not able to do any visiting or shopping yet Well, today is Friday! Hopefully I able to enjoy in the weekend
More to come for our coming Redwood National Park Hike! I believe it will be a wonderful hike Feel excited to see the tallest tree in the world!

Search Inside Yourself - Checked

I came towards this book from my brother I like to read but I am not the kind of people can keep reading on a book even if the content is boring Hence, usually I will ask around those "Read Book" people for good book recommendation
The title of this book attracted me  "Search Inside Yourself" by Chade - Meng Tan He was one of the early google engineer & a pioneer of this "Search Inside Yourself"
I like this book I am a Yoga practitioner, though I might not a good Yoga people yet, but I try to. (Clarify, Yoga is not only Asana) Yoga required a balance of everything Meditation is part of the Yoga practice Somehow, I find meditation is so hard for me and the problem is, I not even know when I am practicing meditation, am I doing the right way? This book helped me to understand the step by step towards the right direction into Mindfulness Practice
Sometimes I hear people said, we need to have awareness I am thinking, if we have awareness, how can we rela…

Rich Dad, Poor Dad -- Checked

Ha, Hah! I am done reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad Robert T.Kiyosaki
Lesson learned
1. I used to say I do not care of $$ and there are many things more important than that; Now I know, I were one of the person mentioned in the book who scare of hard thing so claim that I do not care which is easier. "The avoidance of money is just as psychotic as being attached to money". I feel confusing while dealing with money, How many zero is billion? I just feel so hard to understand. Now, I know I shouldn't be avoiding it and saying that I don't care it, in fact, I am not don't care it, I just avoid it. I must learn, learn and continue to learn, until I know billion has 9-zero.
2. EMOTION --> Energy in motion. Turn the emotion to an energy
3. Handle Fear & Desire
4. Learn to think with your emotion; not use your emotion to think
5. Intelligence solves problems and produces money
6. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid
7. Differentiate your assets & liability
8. Keep your day…

Random #13

You know, I love rainy day Sometimes I do not want to admit it because it sounds moody Raining make me feel good Not to say I do not like sunny day (Am I sounds like not admit it again?) I guess it is just too hot
I always like to sit beside the window watching and enjoying the rain drop So, I want to have a room with a seat near to the window Full glass of window that can see through the green green grass outside Come with a cup of coffee and read my favourite book It will be perfect, if rainbow is out there when the sun come out

*Happy Wesak Day*

End of 2015 and Resolution for 2016

When I wrote this resolution post below, it was still 2015
I am not able to complete it and say a nice good bye to 2015, today is already the 3rd day of 2016
I was way too busy to sit down in front of my pc to conclude my 2015 even it was holiday
Now, it left 3 and 1/2 hour, it will be the 4th day of 2016

Never mind, at least it is still not too late to say Hi to 2016!


Resolution time!!
Before that, let's conclude 2015
So, what special achievement/special/first-time happened in 2015?

1. First time submit resign letter
2. Accept the Job that salary not able to cover old paycheck yet still choose to change
- I am still not regret of this decision because I love what I am doing now
3. Went to Philippine (Business Trip)
4. Woke up at 630 am to workout before go to work
- sustain for 1-month and hope to continue in 2016
5. Continuously workout average 5-6 times per week for 3-month
6. Completed Yoga Teacher Training Course
7. Cha…