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KL and Korea Business Trip

Merry Christmas everyone! At first I thought to google and find a Christmas Photo put it here but suddenly feel to do some art work, so I follow the picture that I found in google and draw it myself to sincerely wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Not a nice drawing but it is fun~ (When I try to load this photo only notice that now blogspot can drag and drop photo instead of upload it one by one last time, good feature!)

So, this post is going to be some update on my 2 business trips, KL and Korea. Eye opening trips 
Let us talk about KL Trip first I got to know about this trip about 3 weeks before the date As all the while I fully focus on my Korea Trip after rushing on the year end order I pick up as much technical knowledge I did a lot of data analysis about the situation there I think this preparation really help a lot It helps me on the technical knowledge that I am going to be present in KL
Hence This trip is not that tension as last two trips At least I able to sleep better
Well, …