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Happy 6-month

5th November 2015
Happy 6-month in this company *Yeah* *Confetti* *Confetti* No more celebration gang like last time on my first job But today was a memorable day where I participate in my first Team Building

In this 6-month I see a lot of kind of people Now I know what my uncle mean last time He used to tell me, I can't learn much when joining my first company He advice me to join a company with production line For the past 4-year, I was not agree with him, because I did learn a lot Well, when I joined this company It is really an eye opening I was well protected in the past 4-year, mix with a very good educated people Talk and learn with all polite people I not mean that my current company people are rude But due to there are a lot of different education background, different culture of people So, you will mix with really a wide variety of people People talk in different language, people from wide range of age There are people who have a really great talent & smart There ar…