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Business Philippine Trip

I said, I would like to share my Philippine Trip before Apologize that I drag till now only share it out I never been to Philippine  I know it is a country with nice beach With my job nature, I get to travel there back to 2nd of August A lot of people will say that, wah, so nice, how come your job can travel to so many places my heart I think that It will be nicer if it is purely vacation :p
Because, business trip never have time for you to play
Your schedule will be tighter than you follow travel tour agent
Well, what good is...a different working environment kind of motivate me ;-)
Back to the first time I travel to US on Business I cannot forget the feeling I counting down to come back Second time to Bangkok Well, it happened on the 1st month of my new job By that time I were still new, not sure what should I do And protected by one technical senior and one business senior I just feel a little bit of pressure The 3rd time --> this Philippine Trip Tell you what, I lost…