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International Yoga Instructor Training Course

An achievement for this year I have graduated from my International Yoga Instructor Training Course which mean, I am an official qualified Yoga Instructor :)
The main reason I take up this course is not because I want to become a Yoga Teacher It is actually I am curious on Yoga Knowledge
From mental, physical to spiritual Now I not only know Asana But also the reason behind each Asana And the most important -- Spiritual, which I think I need to improve a lot
After this course, I wish to take up more courses in deep which are not covered in the training Hopefully I can have this opportunity I want to find my signature pose too!
Besides, I get to know these ladies & met my old schoolmate!!

They are all so talented and cheerful I believe they will be the BEST Yoga Teacher in the future Thanks Bibi teacher who always share with us the knowledge that beyond the course
All the BEST girls!!

I will find more time to share the knowledge I know at here :)

My New Role

Hello So, today I am writing this is to talk about my new company & my new role I should have share this once I join but I am really way too busy and kind of hard to wrap up the feeling A complicated feeling, the first day I joined, which was the day my lovely doggie passed away :( Sounds like not a good sign where I hope it is not May Lingal R.I.P Actually what worst is, I was so busy on my first day, besides all the meeting and discussion, I was trying myself to adapt the new environment where I feel my privacy was taken away Lingal passed away at noon and I only able to free myself to look at the phone on 630pm Terrible, right? I don't even able to see her the last time because of this new first day
Ok, I do not want to sound like moody, back to the topic My new role is Marketing Business/Channel Development Manager/Engineer When I did my interview, my role was Business Development Manager for Thermal Imager When I joined I kind of confuse what is my role Seems like the de…