Altera - Rock!

A very happening end of April and May
I have so much things to share here but I have so little time to sit down and write
I wanted to write about my new job and before that I wanted to write about my previous company
And a mix feeling happen when I get to know Lingal was leaving us on my Grandpa's 100days
I met up with someone important in my life the first time and I have my bff visited me in Penang
Add on my phone (Xiao Mi) shut down and not able to restart again...causing all of my photos G.O.N.E =.=

30th of April
I am officially leaving Altera... sobx sobx..
Review back all the photos and memories that I had in Altera
Compare with today, seems like a lot of things had changed
Something already missing here

I thought I will be fine and just leave
My tears still drop sitting in front of the PC in my cubicle
Haha..funnie huh?
Just a workplace
I have so much memories and so much feeling into it

My first day in Altera
7th of June 2011

People know me well, they know that I love this company since I was in my undergraduate, with no reason
I only submitted my resume for internship to this company without trying other opportunity
Honestly, I don't know well what is exactly they are doing by that time, :p

Somehow, the "fate" continue after I graduate, and I continue my career in the same position
I met a lot of nice, friendly and talented people

We celebrate our Anniversary together, though we didn't really make our promises on the 3rd Year but I always remember the moments we had nice is our potrait
From our best artist :)
Soon 7th of June reaching
Wish you all Happy Anniversary here ^_^

And, I met this two little pretty 
Both of my best buddy ever
Three of us are no longer in Altera but we still meet up quite often
Both of them taking care of me a lot
They left two years ago but our relationship getting closer after that
Well, honestly, I still miss the time they were with me for the first two years (technically is almost two years)
We stay back together
We have fun in the lab
I cried and I laughed in the lab 
they are the ones that stay beside me

See the A.T.S behind
It is stand for Altera Technical Symposium
We created it together from scratch until late night
I enjoyed the moments soooo much 

These guys...we are YOUNG !
We are from different background
We have different vision and dream

My first time been to US
A big change in my life after this trip

Hah...I attended a lot of weddings!!
I be the part of the proposing ceremony
I be the part as a "Ji Mui"
Wish all the couples Happily ever after 

My farewell lunch with these guys where I used to hang out with
They are experience yet very young inside
In front of them I can actually act myself
They guided me, taking care of me and they are really FUN
There is one more guy in US right now
I just want to tell you all that
You guys are ROCK

There are a gang of pretty and young girls from PMA few years ago
My two best buddies and
these two pretty ladies
appear in many of the photos above
Yes, they are two of the so called "PMA Leng Lui" (Not include me, of course :) )

My last buddy in Altera
Palia yeow! :p

Miss my big and privacy cubicle

Double big screen ok!!!!!!

Even my lab, I have two monitor too!!!

Hmmm...I am gonna miss the nicest and safest car park

A bridge that link us from our office to car park
Very thoughtful, right?

From the bridge, you can see sunset and the lovely scenery as below

Another important thing is...Kak Fatimah!!!
She is the janitor that clean our toilet everyday
You can sleep inside the toilet, because it is really very clean!!!

The last memory and the most important memory that I had made in Altera is.....
I am so glad that I able to meet this group of people who are full of energy & talented
By joining them, it do really give me a lot of positive energy
They make me feel good & the most important is the confident that I have lost
Thank you so much Heng Fai & Team
Yuan Formation

I am gonna miss you guys...
Hope you all the best
Hope our life will cross again

Perhaps, you may ask
Why I love Altera so much and I still choose to leave?
I am searching for my career goal
I am looking opportunity in Altera for one year
Apparently, I couldn't find it
I think my new company will be the best place for me to achieve my career goal

~All the BEST to me~


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