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Altera - Rock!

A very happening end of April and May I have so much things to share here but I have so little time to sit down and write I wanted to write about my new job and before that I wanted to write about my previous company And a mix feeling happen when I get to know Lingal was leaving us on my Grandpa's 100days I met up with someone important in my life the first time and I have my bff visited me in Penang Add on my phone (Xiao Mi) shut down and not able to restart again...causing all of my photos G.O.N.E =.=
30th of April I am officially leaving Altera... sobx sobx.. Review back all the photos and memories that I had in Altera Compare with today, seems like a lot of things had changed Something already missing here
I thought I will be fine and just leave My tears still drop sitting in front of the PC in my cubicle Haha..funnie huh? Just a workplace
I have so much memories and so much feeling into it
My first day in Altera 7th of June 2011

People know me well, they know that I love this…