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Goodbye, Lingal, Love you forever!

5th of May 2015

I will never forget, you are the one that make me not scare of dog You leave us on the first day I started my new job in Keysight
We had been together for 10years You play your role well You make us Happy You make me smile everyday I home You did a good Job, Lingal
I am so sorry I can't see you before you move into your new home Hope that you are resting in peace I will always remember you
Love you, Lingal
You are the pretties dog and the most special one I ever see You are just like my little sister that knows me well You accompany me from I young till I become a lady
I miss you Lingal
You leave us on the 100-Days a gong left us So..We guess, you are accompanying a gong in the heaven
Tell me, you are, ok?
Love you, Lingal
So sorry that I am not the best owner I will always miss you