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A Thought



I always wish that I can stay in this company until I retire I hope to grow and learn at here Everything is just so good & nice  But I decided to leave I have been looking for a more suitable position for me in this company for almost 1 year Apparently There is either not at the right timing/not the position I am looking for So It is time to move
Today will be a day to remember Where I submit my resign letter to my manager  The first time in my life
I am so nervous and feel so sorry and guilty to him Our group is a very high visibility group The schedule & work non-stop for 365 days
There are a lot of new things to learn I have been here for almost 4 years The technologies keep on improving I keep on learning until today and I can still foresee there are much more interesting knowledge can be learn here
I am always proud to be here
However After almost 4years at the same time I realize that, this is not something that I want/I talent in
I am moving on to the career that I thi…