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We Love You, Ah Gong

You accompanied me for 27 Years You taught me how to play harmonica with the song name "蓝天白云" You helped me draw a big cat in my Art Class so that I able to submit it on time You rode me around our garden every evening  You told me we are from 福建惠安 You always showed me the energy of not giving up Your determination is the strongest I ever see You seldom talk but you will showed it to us with your action You will talked a lot when Beer is with you You love flowers You love 排骨王 You likes Ah Ma's black coffee You told me the stories how you chase Ah Ma *Sweet* You always argue with Ah Ma (or Ah Ma argue with you)  But we all know you both love each other very much Because you will missed each other after apart for just a few hours Just like Ah Ma miss you now You... You...

The photo you asked for a few times before you passed away They are ready now with a lot more photos Hope you able to see it in your whole new world
With you grew up together with us It was one of the BE…

Blog Sharing

Few days ago, my cousin remind me about a blog I introduced her last time which is the blog I used to follow too (Bubzbeauty). With all the things happen to me these few years, I had been stopping the usual hobby that I had last time, one of it is reading blogs and of course writing blogs too. Today I catch up with the blog I love and I would like to share with you all.

1. Bubzbeauty
The first time I get to know this pretty is when I am searching for a nude make up tutorial. This pretty little girl just attracted me and link me to her blog, then I start to get to know more about her life instead of her makeup tutorial..haha..
She gives me a very natural, warm, sweet and her voice is melting my heart.
The last time I read her blog was about her wedding, today when I surfed her blog, she already got a baby!! Congratulation to her ^.^

2. Erica Ting
This is a girl that attracted me, since the first day I saw her in my university. She is such a mysterious and cool girl that make me feel t…