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KL and Korea Business Trip

Merry Christmas everyone! At first I thought to google and find a Christmas Photo put it here but suddenly feel to do some art work, so I follow the picture that I found in google and draw it myself to sincerely wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
Not a nice drawing but it is fun~ (When I try to load this photo only notice that now blogspot can drag and drop photo instead of upload it one by one last time, good feature!)

So, this post is going to be some update on my 2 business trips, KL and Korea. Eye opening trips 
Let us talk about KL Trip first I got to know about this trip about 3 weeks before the date As all the while I fully focus on my Korea Trip after rushing on the year end order I pick up as much technical knowledge I did a lot of data analysis about the situation there I think this preparation really help a lot It helps me on the technical knowledge that I am going to be present in KL
Hence This trip is not that tension as last two trips At least I able to sleep better
Well, …

Happy 6-month

5th November 2015
Happy 6-month in this company *Yeah* *Confetti* *Confetti* No more celebration gang like last time on my first job But today was a memorable day where I participate in my first Team Building

In this 6-month I see a lot of kind of people Now I know what my uncle mean last time He used to tell me, I can't learn much when joining my first company He advice me to join a company with production line For the past 4-year, I was not agree with him, because I did learn a lot Well, when I joined this company It is really an eye opening I was well protected in the past 4-year, mix with a very good educated people Talk and learn with all polite people I not mean that my current company people are rude But due to there are a lot of different education background, different culture of people So, you will mix with really a wide variety of people People talk in different language, people from wide range of age There are people who have a really great talent & smart There ar…

Business Philippine Trip

I said, I would like to share my Philippine Trip before Apologize that I drag till now only share it out I never been to Philippine  I know it is a country with nice beach With my job nature, I get to travel there back to 2nd of August A lot of people will say that, wah, so nice, how come your job can travel to so many places my heart I think that It will be nicer if it is purely vacation :p
Because, business trip never have time for you to play
Your schedule will be tighter than you follow travel tour agent
Well, what good is...a different working environment kind of motivate me ;-)
Back to the first time I travel to US on Business I cannot forget the feeling I counting down to come back Second time to Bangkok Well, it happened on the 1st month of my new job By that time I were still new, not sure what should I do And protected by one technical senior and one business senior I just feel a little bit of pressure The 3rd time --> this Philippine Trip Tell you what, I lost…

你 or 我曾是少年?

A song that really touch my heart It is just saying what I feel inside my heart after I started my working life Exactly the same thought inside my heart Is everyone has the same thought?
At first just simply like this song because of the melody When I search on the lyric and sing on it at the same time The tears drop itself Because the word speak my heart


作词:肖洋 作曲:杨子朴

有些时候 你怀念从前日子 可天真离开时 你却没说一个字 你只是挥一挥手 像扔掉废纸 说是人生必经的事 酒喝到七分 却又感觉怅然若失

镜子里面 像看到人生终点 或许再过上几年 你也有张虚伪的脸 难道我们是为了这样 才来到这世上 这问题来不及想 每一天一年 总是匆匆忙忙

你我来自 湖北 四川 广西 宁夏 河南 山东 贵州 云南 的小镇乡村 曾经发誓 要做了不起的人

却在 北京 上海 广州 深圳 某天夜半忽然醒来 站在寂寞的阳台 只想从这无边的寂寞中逃出来

许多年前 你(我)有一双清澈的双眼 奔跑起来 像是一道春天的闪电 想看遍这世界 去最遥远的远方 感觉有双翅膀 能飞越高山和海洋

许多年前 你(我)曾是个朴素的少年 爱上一个人 就不怕付出自己一生 相信爱会永恒 相信每个陌生人 相信你会成为最想成为的人

习惯说谎 就是变成熟了吗 有一套房子之后 才能去爱别人吗 总是以为成功之后 就能抚平伤痕 欲望边 埋著错过的人 当青春耗尽 只剩面目可憎

你我来自 湖北 四川 广西 宁夏 河南 山东 贵州 云南 的小镇乡村 曾经发誓 要做了不起的人

却在北京 上海 广州 深圳 某天夜半忽然醒来 像被命运叫醒了 它说你不能就这样过完一生

许多年前 你有一双清澈的双眼 奔跑起来 像是一道春天的闪电 想看遍这世界 去最遥远的远方 感觉有双翅膀 能飞越高山和海洋

许多年前 我曾是个朴素的少年 爱上一个人 就不怕付出自己一生 相信爱会永恒 相信每个陌生人 当我和世界初相见


International Yoga Instructor Training Course

An achievement for this year I have graduated from my International Yoga Instructor Training Course which mean, I am an official qualified Yoga Instructor :)
The main reason I take up this course is not because I want to become a Yoga Teacher It is actually I am curious on Yoga Knowledge
From mental, physical to spiritual Now I not only know Asana But also the reason behind each Asana And the most important -- Spiritual, which I think I need to improve a lot
After this course, I wish to take up more courses in deep which are not covered in the training Hopefully I can have this opportunity I want to find my signature pose too!
Besides, I get to know these ladies & met my old schoolmate!!

They are all so talented and cheerful I believe they will be the BEST Yoga Teacher in the future Thanks Bibi teacher who always share with us the knowledge that beyond the course
All the BEST girls!!

I will find more time to share the knowledge I know at here :)

My New Role

Hello So, today I am writing this is to talk about my new company & my new role I should have share this once I join but I am really way too busy and kind of hard to wrap up the feeling A complicated feeling, the first day I joined, which was the day my lovely doggie passed away :( Sounds like not a good sign where I hope it is not May Lingal R.I.P Actually what worst is, I was so busy on my first day, besides all the meeting and discussion, I was trying myself to adapt the new environment where I feel my privacy was taken away Lingal passed away at noon and I only able to free myself to look at the phone on 630pm Terrible, right? I don't even able to see her the last time because of this new first day
Ok, I do not want to sound like moody, back to the topic My new role is Marketing Business/Channel Development Manager/Engineer When I did my interview, my role was Business Development Manager for Thermal Imager When I joined I kind of confuse what is my role Seems like the de…

Altera - Rock!

A very happening end of April and May I have so much things to share here but I have so little time to sit down and write I wanted to write about my new job and before that I wanted to write about my previous company And a mix feeling happen when I get to know Lingal was leaving us on my Grandpa's 100days I met up with someone important in my life the first time and I have my bff visited me in Penang Add on my phone (Xiao Mi) shut down and not able to restart again...causing all of my photos G.O.N.E =.=
30th of April I am officially leaving Altera... sobx sobx.. Review back all the photos and memories that I had in Altera Compare with today, seems like a lot of things had changed Something already missing here
I thought I will be fine and just leave My tears still drop sitting in front of the PC in my cubicle Haha..funnie huh? Just a workplace
I have so much memories and so much feeling into it
My first day in Altera 7th of June 2011

People know me well, they know that I love this…

Goodbye, Lingal, Love you forever!

5th of May 2015

I will never forget, you are the one that make me not scare of dog You leave us on the first day I started my new job in Keysight
We had been together for 10years You play your role well You make us Happy You make me smile everyday I home You did a good Job, Lingal
I am so sorry I can't see you before you move into your new home Hope that you are resting in peace I will always remember you
Love you, Lingal
You are the pretties dog and the most special one I ever see You are just like my little sister that knows me well You accompany me from I young till I become a lady
I miss you Lingal
You leave us on the 100-Days a gong left us So..We guess, you are accompanying a gong in the heaven
Tell me, you are, ok?
Love you, Lingal
So sorry that I am not the best owner I will always miss you

A Simple Happy Day :)

I notice that, when my day is good, I seldom jot it down here Because, I will be very happy and straight go into my sweet dreams I think, it is not a good practice I tend to jot it down something not so happy or emotional memories Perhaps, I should record down, the simple happiness that I earn each day so when I recap the journey of my life, it will be full of happiness
Last Tuesday was a very good day for me, at least I was happy since the moment I woke up till the moment I slept I woke up at 745am to attend a 8am conference meeting with San Jose folks Usually it will took me about 10 to 15mins to set up my laptop configuration (I don't know what happen to the settings in my laptop that causing me have difficulty to remote into my office PC since end of last year) However, it just took about less than 5 mins, everything settled After the meeting, I went to pray and He gives me a confirmation of my coming change Honestly, it does relieve me a lot It is like a hope I know, we need to have hope…

Random #12


I received a bad news two days ago The change I hope for, since October 2014 The feeling of waiting and uncertainty is so loss The whole process taken half year and the end story is just like that Loosing of direction is something I experienced for the past three years And these half year almost drain all my hope and energy I truly know the feeling of mental tiredness
Your logical thinking is asking you to stay strong and have faith Your feeling is pulling your heart to let it fall When you are sitting at the middle of logic and feeling You will start to feel guilt and you will live under floating state


I wrote the above paragraph few days ago
The negative feeling just drown me
I know things are gonna be alright
I have tried my best and the rest just put on God's hand
Well, probably my faith is still not strong enough

Luckily I always have him to l…

She Reminds me How to move on in this Reality Life

After arrange for more than half year, finally I able to meet up one of my old best friend last Thursday She drove all the way to my factory just to have a lunch with me, appreciate that! What makes me feel great is, we are still the same, talk non-stop And, we are not talking about our past We are more concerning about our present and now We share the part that we missed out between each other and provide guidance and advice Her life is still full with drama Why I said so, because what happen to her is really like the story we watched in the TV You might not believe that, but it is
We used to sing together, act together, study together and we write our own drama script and brought it to the stage She played a role and created an unforgettable memories in my life where these memories I hope it can happen again 
We shared the dilemma we faced in our current life and she told me No matter how far we go We must remember to stop for a while
Stay Kind-Hearted that we have Remember our p…

Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud [Official Video]

In Love with this song and its MV Where can I learn this dance?
Ed Sheeran's song always make me melt From The A Team then Lego House  And this one!!!
Not purposely find his song to listen Just happen to listen in the radio and feel so nice Search for the song only got to know is... Ed Sheeran's song again
Besides,  his song bring me some sweet memories too ^.^

"Thinking Out Loud" When your legs don't work like they used to before
And I can't sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love?
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks?

And, darling, I will be loving you 'til we're 70
And, baby, my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Well, me—I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am

So honey now
Take me into your loving arms
Kiss me under the light of a thousand stars
Place your head on my beating heart
I'm th…

有一種勇氣叫放棄 Courage of Giving Up

戏剧 风中奇缘 片尾曲 作词:木兰号aka陈韦伶 & 黄婷 作曲:木兰号aka陈韦伶
有好多事情不需要证明 就像怎么去证明我爱你 如果错过一时就会错过了一生 是否 该更诚实的面对感情
以为时间能溶解你的心 固执的相信有一天你终会清醒 却怎么贴近都只能一个人前进 也许 放开才能抓得更紧
我想我是真的可以 可以放弃 爱你的任性 我可以体谅你的决定 我可以接受我的宿命
我想我是真的爱你 再痛也会 真心地祝福你 爱一个人需要勇气 听说过有一种勇气就叫做放弃
以为时间能溶解你的心 固执的相信有一天你终会清醒 却怎么贴近都只能一个人前进 也许 放开才能抓得更紧
我想我是真的可以 可以放弃 爱你的任性 我可以体谅你的决定 我可以接受我的宿命
我想我是真的爱你 再痛也会 真心地祝福你 爱一个人需要勇气 听说过有一种勇气就叫做放弃
该怪你不够坚强 还是我太怕受伤 情深缘浅 独留天涯海角的眷恋
我想我是真的可以 可以放弃 爱你的任性 我可以体谅你的决定 我可以接受我的宿命
我想我是真的爱你 再痛也会 真心地祝福你 爱一个人需要勇气 听说过有一种勇气就叫做放弃
The last time I sing year ago? Singing always is one of my favorite hobby since I was a kid, although I don't have a good voice but it just can make me feel happy
Sometimes reality always make people change and lost themselves I used to sing in the car, sing in the bathroom, sing while I am walking (provided no people around me :p) but now...even if was in the traffic, I not even feel to sing...the brain just busy thinking of the hustle and bustle  Or sometimes just so tired and want to space out
Sharing this song that make…

A Thought



I always wish that I can stay in this company until I retire I hope to grow and learn at here Everything is just so good & nice  But I decided to leave I have been looking for a more suitable position for me in this company for almost 1 year Apparently There is either not at the right timing/not the position I am looking for So It is time to move
Today will be a day to remember Where I submit my resign letter to my manager  The first time in my life
I am so nervous and feel so sorry and guilty to him Our group is a very high visibility group The schedule & work non-stop for 365 days
There are a lot of new things to learn I have been here for almost 4 years The technologies keep on improving I keep on learning until today and I can still foresee there are much more interesting knowledge can be learn here
I am always proud to be here
However After almost 4years at the same time I realize that, this is not something that I want/I talent in
I am moving on to the career that I thi…