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Random #11

Hehee *Guilty Smile*
I should have writing my proposal in conjunction with my paper but somehow it stuck Due to ... 1. Couldn't remote to my office PC, some helpdesk error :S 2. Not enough information and a lot of uncertainty 3. Too much things seducing me to do, for, food, books, blogs :p
So, after draft it out, decided to stay back tomorrow to proceed 
I love to read blogs and books because from there I learn how to express myself.  I always have a lot of things to share but I don't know how to express it out.  Write?Draw?Talk?  never a good way for me.  I think by writing more or jotting down what happen in my life is a good way to keep my memory and a way to learn how to express myself too.
I have successfully completed my first Piano + Singing performance in my life on 17th August at New World Park. ^.^V ( More photos will be shared after I got it from the photographer :) )  But now, is time for me to make a decision to choose between Piano and Master.

Happiness is?

Happiness includes pleasure but it is different Happiness is something deeper Happiness is a backdrop to your life rewarding; it gives you strength in hard times and it frees you to enjoy life fully at every opportunity 
Recently I realize that buying things can make me happy but the happiness could not last for long I read this book <> by Paul McKenna A lot of unhappiness is caused by people confusing pleasure with happiness. The boundaries got blurred...the founder of psychoanalysis realized that, people attached their feelings to products....
Getting things may bring you pleasure, but it may not make you happy. Buying things could make you feel pleasure, but it doesn't last forever, but you can tell that you feel better.
I know I keep buying things and I do really feel better.
Happiness is an inside job Which is the one, I am looking for....

Act like a girl

These four days holiday I am acting like a girl, I did something which I will not or seldom do. What does it mean by acting like a girls?O.o? Haha....
Yeah!!! Finally I bought myself the shoes I hope for so long. 

I am not a girl that has a big cupboard of fancy shoes. I do not like to have so many shoes which make me headache and wasting my time to think of what shoes should I wear before I go out. Although to see a room which full of colourful shoes is very nice but I rather to buy a good shoes instead of having a lot of shoes but only able to wear it once or twice or it is not a comfortable shoes. 

Besides buying this pair of shoes, I bought another one to match the some girlish dress. Hmmm...sounds like a girl huh? "I need this shoes to match this dress, and this to match that, and this...and this..." There's always a reason for a girl to buy shoes :p

Ok, I hope these two pairs of shoes can serve me for at least 1 year and above because, I do not like to buy shoes a…

Eat Eat Eat at US :D

I have been thinking to write it down for long time ago. Somehow, there are too much of things happen which pulling my leg. Honestly, once I start my life in the working environment, I feel pressure, tension and scare. There're no sense of security. I just wish to come back Malaysia as soon as possible. After a while, I back to Malaysia, I missed there :) And I found out, why will I be so scared to stay there? Because the things I am going to face everyday, is something I not familiar (Yea, this is my problem). I should have learn more and pick up more before I went there. Well, this is a part of my life, I wished to write it down so that I can remember the footsteps that I went through. I still wish to back there because it is really a nice country to work and play. Travel always can learn a lot, I see different kind of people, different culture, went to a lot of places which I never think of I would have the chance to there and of course eat and drink a lot of nice food.
I alwa…