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The one can bring you up when you're down

Oh - thinkin' about all our younger years There was only you and me We were young and wild and free
Now nothin' can take you away from me We've been down that road before But that's over now You keep me comin' back for more
And baby, you're all that I want When you're lyin' here in my arms I'm findin' it hard to believe We're in heaven
And love is all that I need And I found it there in your heart It isn't too hard to see We're in heaven
Oh - once in your life you find someone Who will turn your world around Bring you up when you're feelin' down (I guess this is important, the one can bring you up when you're feeling down)
Yeah - nothin' could change what you mean to me Oh there's lots that I could say But just hold me now Cause our love will light the way
And baby, you're all that I want When you're lyin' here in my arms I'm findin' it hard to believe We're in heaven
And love is all that I need And I found it there i…


Is the schedule look normal for a Part-Time Master student who are working Full Time? Did the University ever consider, are the student able to gain all the knowledge while trying to complete the task in the given time?


再过不久就是中秋节咯 不懂为何今年比往年更期待他的到来 记得去年想要做冰皮月饼时,去到材料店已经没完很多选择 所以今年可要早点采购 材料店也多了很多选择 好多奇奇怪怪的口味 绿茶,咖啡,火龙果,芒果等 但我还是选择了传统的口味
看回之前记录的食谱太过草率了 这次想记录好一些 方便以后看回 也想要每年都有所改进 可以参考然后一年比一年好吃
材料 400g Pre-Mix Bing Pi (Flour & Butter)-- RM 4.90 165ml Water 500g Lotus Pandan Flavor -- RM 10.50 Sunflower flake (Optional) -- RM3.40
把 Pre-Mix 放入碗内,慢慢加入165ml 的水 用搅拌器或手 揉直Pre-Mix成为一个磨 今年的冰皮会有多处一个颜色 我把妈妈从台湾买回来的绿茶粉加入磨内
然后把sunflower flakes 放入微波炉 让他的口感比较脆 再把它放入Lotus Pandan
Lotus Pandan 和 冰皮的比率是 3 : 2
分别把冰皮和Lotus Pandan弄成圆形 然后再把冰皮弄扁 慢慢包扎Lotus Pandan
这次是第三次做冰皮月饼 下次可能要试试自己做Pre-Mix
大家 中秋节快乐 谢谢三年前阿姨的教导 :) 想念在那花园大家品尝月饼的时刻

Random #11

Hehee *Guilty Smile*
I should have writing my proposal in conjunction with my paper but somehow it stuck Due to ... 1. Couldn't remote to my office PC, some helpdesk error :S 2. Not enough information and a lot of uncertainty 3. Too much things seducing me to do, for, food, books, blogs :p
So, after draft it out, decided to stay back tomorrow to proceed 
I love to read blogs and books because from there I learn how to express myself.  I always have a lot of things to share but I don't know how to express it out.  Write?Draw?Talk?  never a good way for me.  I think by writing more or jotting down what happen in my life is a good way to keep my memory and a way to learn how to express myself too.
I have successfully completed my first Piano + Singing performance in my life on 17th August at New World Park. ^.^V ( More photos will be shared after I got it from the photographer :) )  But now, is time for me to make a decision to choose between Piano and Master.

Happiness is?

Happiness includes pleasure but it is different Happiness is something deeper Happiness is a backdrop to your life rewarding; it gives you strength in hard times and it frees you to enjoy life fully at every opportunity 
Recently I realize that buying things can make me happy but the happiness could not last for long I read this book <> by Paul McKenna A lot of unhappiness is caused by people confusing pleasure with happiness. The boundaries got blurred...the founder of psychoanalysis realized that, people attached their feelings to products....
Getting things may bring you pleasure, but it may not make you happy. Buying things could make you feel pleasure, but it doesn't last forever, but you can tell that you feel better.
I know I keep buying things and I do really feel better.
Happiness is an inside job Which is the one, I am looking for....

Act like a girl

These four days holiday I am acting like a girl, I did something which I will not or seldom do. What does it mean by acting like a girls?O.o? Haha....
Yeah!!! Finally I bought myself the shoes I hope for so long. 

I am not a girl that has a big cupboard of fancy shoes. I do not like to have so many shoes which make me headache and wasting my time to think of what shoes should I wear before I go out. Although to see a room which full of colourful shoes is very nice but I rather to buy a good shoes instead of having a lot of shoes but only able to wear it once or twice or it is not a comfortable shoes. 

Besides buying this pair of shoes, I bought another one to match the some girlish dress. Hmmm...sounds like a girl huh? "I need this shoes to match this dress, and this to match that, and this...and this..." There's always a reason for a girl to buy shoes :p

Ok, I hope these two pairs of shoes can serve me for at least 1 year and above because, I do not like to buy shoes a…

Eat Eat Eat at US :D

I have been thinking to write it down for long time ago. Somehow, there are too much of things happen which pulling my leg. Honestly, once I start my life in the working environment, I feel pressure, tension and scare. There're no sense of security. I just wish to come back Malaysia as soon as possible. After a while, I back to Malaysia, I missed there :) And I found out, why will I be so scared to stay there? Because the things I am going to face everyday, is something I not familiar (Yea, this is my problem). I should have learn more and pick up more before I went there. Well, this is a part of my life, I wished to write it down so that I can remember the footsteps that I went through. I still wish to back there because it is really a nice country to work and play. Travel always can learn a lot, I see different kind of people, different culture, went to a lot of places which I never think of I would have the chance to there and of course eat and drink a lot of nice food.
I alwa…

Fun Breakup Letter


Is He the One?

Is He the One?
I found this in iVillage and agree with these 10 statements. And the most important one is the 1st one -- "Does he think he's a lucky guy?" which so sad that, he didn't feel that, i guess....
1. Does he think he's a lucky guy?

You'd like to think that he is a man who understands that life is made up of part luck and part hard work, and that both elements will affect him at some point. A man who thinks himself lucky in any way is someone who radiates gratitude, which in turn creates an aura of joyousness. And that's all good. But what really matters is that, at the very least, he is a man who feels wildly fortunate to have you in his life, because a guy who feels that way will make sure you know you're adored. And how lucky is that?

2. Are his little faults things you can handle?

Everyone is bugged by something. Does he drink directly from the carton? Hang sweaty clothes on the bathroom door? Stockpile old newspapers? Say no more. Ladies, the…

One Direction - Little Things (Lyric Video)

~Addicted to this song~


说实在的,当人妻子真的必须要有点智慧! 如果不信,且看以下一对夫妻聊到有关外遇问题时的一段谈 话: 公:我听说xxx 居然外遇,他因为跟老婆之间的感情出了问题,所以他结交了一个漂亮的新女友耶! 婆:哇!你该不会也想这样吧?公:不会啦!那是因为他跟老婆相处的有问题,我们才没有 咧! 婆:这样好了,我们先来聊聊一些事情, 如果有一天,有漂亮的女生约你看电影,而你很想去的话。 你就请她来帮我们顾小孩,然后我请你去看电影。 如果你在路上看到哪个女生的穿着打扮你很欣赏,进而觉得你的老婆不够漂亮的话。 你去问问她一个月的保养跟置装预算,然后从你的薪水给我一样的预算,我想我应该也可以办得到。 如果你真动了心,想跟她结婚的话。那我跟你儿子搬出去让你住,你跟她搬来跟你妈住三年(要跟我住一样长的时间喔)。 过年过节你都跟她过,然后情人节什么的我跟你过,祭祖拜拜她去弄。 看电影郊游什么的我来就好。 最好她还愿意照顾你的儿子,这样我们玩起来才过瘾。 出国渡假我还可以自费呢! 如果我不用自掏腰包孝敬老的,这点余力应该还是有的。 公:这种条件,谁肯来当我的女朋友啊! 婆:那就对啦!你缺的应该是请个佣人来分担掉我的辛劳, 让我有时间有余裕跟你快乐的去玩耍。 当我跟公婆相处触礁的时候,我需要的是跳开那样的角色而不受争议。 如果能够做到这些。我就是你一辈子的女朋友。 不然我永远就像现在这样只能是个黄脸婆老妈子。 公:那万一是妳外遇呢? 婆:关于这点我可以肯定的告诉你喔! 一辈子去伺候一家子的事情,一次就够了,如果我想外遇,我也只会想交男朋友,不会想结婚的。 所以只要你能定期保养我,我就不会外遇了…  公:这样说感觉我很吃亏耶! 婆:那你现在该了解当女人尤其是当妻子有多吃亏了吧? 公:.......

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