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Macaron Class at Sugar ^.^V

I love Macaron

Macaron from Laduree

Not the Macaron from Malaysia Because the taste is totally different!! Laduree Macaron is fantastic
My first Macaron is with my dear in Paris 1.65 pound a small piece
Thanks for the deal at Groupon and the Invitation of my friends
Thank you so much to my brother who wait for me at Strait Quay for 3 hours ^_^

We attended Macaron Class at Sugar Straits Quay It is so nice to bake together with them :)

Engineers in baking class =p

Here's to share of the ingredient with you all So that we can bake together The taste is not as good as Laduree but still acceptable :) Maybe a further modified can be made to make it more delicious ^_^
Ingredients: 250gm Ireks Mon Macaron Mix 20gm Hot Water 25gm Room Temperature Water 2-3 drops Concentrated Food Color (water based)
1. Put the mix into the mixing bowl, 

add in the water and color.

Note: When measuring the water, room temperature water first then Hot Water later

2. Beat all the ingredients together at…

The Sire Museum Restaurant

Another Awesome place

The Sire Museum Restaurant

I have been spotting this restaurant since my internship period But there are always somehow something stop me
Eventually Without any planning Just a coincidence I am here with my lovely brother

He is always the person support me when talk about EAT Thank you so much ^_^
Prawn Macaroni

Tempura Fish


Caffeine Coffee

The service there is good It is located at the King Street, Penang
Check it out guys :)

Random #7

It has been almost one month I didn't blog
Yea, my pack schedule are as below Those are not include working and exercise oo
My September Calender 

My October Calender

Blogging for me Is something  Need feeling Need Timing


又另一部 弟弟介绍的电影 《初恋这件小事》 戏内的女主角真的可以很丑 =p 我这里丑的意思不是真的很很很丑的丑 而是当看到她开始的样子 你真的想像不到到最后她的美 通常我们看到丑小鸭变美女的戏 刚开始我们就可以知道他绝对是个美女 只是戏内把她丑化了 但这位女主角,我真的会怀疑是不是同一个人