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Gathering at Behind 50

享受美食可以让我开心 我喜欢去新的地方 品尝不同的美食 感受它的环境
与两位志同道合 好久没见的朋友来到了
Behind 50

这家餐厅位于Muntri Street 小小一间路旁的餐厅










Burning Capacitor

I burn it T.T
1st time ever
But I need to clarify I din't turn on any power supply I swear!!!!
I am not sure what is going on :(

Experience of a Conference Presentation

A great experience for me
Last weekend I went for a conference presentation 2011 3rd International Conference Software Technology and Engineering 

A paper I wrote during my Final Year Project
Gratitude to UTP & My supervisor for paying the 400USD registration fees for me

Thanks for a lovely couple for driving me there

At first I got totally no mood to attend this presentation as I was almost forgot most of the thing I did Some more I got no time to prepare my presentation I don't like to do something I am not confident with
Eventually I am here too

The room that I did my presentation

Register myself in the counter and got my certificate, my published paper (ASME Press), a little souvenir

I listen to the conference presentation and met a lot of Professor and Doctor
My turn to present >.<

I make a friend at the conference We had lunch and attended most of the conference together  And thanks him for helping me took my presentation photo After a long talk only I got to know that he is actuall…

Once In a Year

Yes!Is my Birthday~ Once in a year
I start my day with a very nice breakfast prepared by A ma
Lunch with a gang of lovely friends at my favourite restaurant Winter Warmers

Back from work A little New York cheese cake by Tze Ying

A warm wishes from Wan Sin

A handmade sticker photo by Cute Daddy ^_^

PE-IP Team celebrating August Birthday baby at Winter Warmers again ^.<

Due to the night before I just slept for 2 hours Once I back from work I spoiled my sister n brother's plan for giving me a surprise dinner
Two cameras for this year birthday
A digital camera from my lovely sister & Brother In Law Thank you so much~~

Instax Mini Palaroid camera!!!!!!!!

Thank you my baby for buying me this You know I hope to have one long time ago
A small cute ducky.... The wording n drawing are from her own hand Thank you Choon Yan

A very warmy card from Shuk Yee She told me A year older means a year better Yee, Thank you..

~Thanks Everyone~

My name is Foo Lim

Something funny to share with you all
Today, after work Suddenly recall back the first Dominos Pizza that I had last time during my diploma study at UTM So After dinner, I invite my brother to eat Dominos Pizza
When ordering the Pizza
Waiter : Can I have your name please? (I guess he want to print it on the box of my Pizza) Me : Err...Full Name?
The waiter type something on the keyboard without give me any response.
Me : Tan, T.A.N.
Then the waiter print out the receipt and I do my payment. By that time me and my brother feel that, how come the waiter can be so rude?
After around 10 minutes of waiting Our Pizza serve on the table And, what I saw is

Laugh out loud The waiter is not rude, he thought my name is Foo Lim In fact I am asking him, is that he request full name or initial?
What a funny ~~~

A gift from my 1st buddy

She is going to leave this Friday She is my first buddy and also the first pretty girl I met in my company We don't have much time to work together  But I wish her the BEST in her future
A dry grass made grasshopper

I like it very much It looks very unique & refinement
She said this grasshopper had been accompany her for 5 years time in this company
Hopefully this grasshopper can bring me luck and success like her ^.<

Working Life (2)

一个下着雨的槟城 一个下着班的我
社会生涯慢慢的迈向了两个月 每天精力充沛的上班 但下班时心灵和身体就像被我切得碎碎的蒜
每一天都觉得有学不完的东西 所以我都会很希望我有用不完的精力 但,当面对着那些另一个世界的东西 勇气的踏出第一步进入他的世界 绝对是一件我很佩服自己的事
但每天下班后 我都会觉得 我的脑袋就像

太多东西需要懂 但又毫无次序的 一个一个慢慢来,整理好? 问题在于,我应该从何开始我都不知道 况且时间是不能冻结的
当然回到家 最兴奋不过的就是见到这位美女


还有姐姐弟弟的要约 永远可以让我那沉重的脚步走向云端 即使再累 这绝对是唯一的解药

再加上 这位可爱小男孩的陪伴 最爱在上班前听见他的声音

今天 我狠狠地拒绝了我的梦想 统计起来 我拒绝了三次的电邮 再加上今天的电话 感叹了。。四次
痛吗? 第一次是很痛的 慢慢的也接受了 会后悔吗? 应该不会吧 接受了就该往前走
明天 继续工程师的生活 有时真的希望自己是一个机械 至少永远做着最聪明 且失败率很低的事情 当然必须是一驾精明的机械 我不介意早上班迟下班 只要做出成绩来 一切都是值得的 最怕付出了所有 什么也没有 那时的我心灵会平衡吗?
所以要 Work Smart 吗? 不是每一个人都有Work Smart 的头脑

升级版宿命论2.0 -- by kclai

通过一位师兄的部落 来到了一个部落 读到了一篇很有感触的文章
题目是天赋 里头说道 “。。。因此我开始相信宿命论2.0。(2.0?)嗯,普通的宿命论是说一个人吃几多穿几多是注定的,而我所相信的升级版宿命论2.0想法比较积极,例如一个人注定是一个500毫升的瓶子,他再怎么努力地倒水进去,它最多也只能容纳500毫升的水,多出来的水(努力)就白白浪费掉了。当然,不倒水的话里面就只有空气罢了,小学生都能明白的道理。。。”
我一直都相信注定的 当然不是说 只要坐着一切是你的都会来找你 而是你是多少毫升的瓶子已是注定 是看你要如何把它装满