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昨天和弟弟去唱K 他唱了这首歌 (当然他不止唱这首歌) 觉得这首歌的歌词 很有感觉 歌手唱得很痛


这学期的我成为了PBSM Persatuan Balik Setiap Minggu 即使只能呆在家一天的时间 我也会珍惜的跑回家
因为 我的家实在太舒服了
应该问 什么原因让我回家
原因是 我想念家人 我想念在家的感觉
不止 纯粹就是 我!一!定!要!回!家!
有时 我回到家 不会很常出去 即使出去 也一定是和家人 因为我太爱他们了
其实我是很忙的 忙功课 忙报告 忙MATLAB =.=
不过基本上 我在家 是读不了书的
只要家人一句 “走,陪我出去买一包水” 即使再忙的我 也变不忙了 立刻换衣 想都不用想
家的魅力 真的低挡不住
有时会想 最后一个学期了 就留在学校多一点 读好书 但 要我留在那烂地方 %*&*(&&^*())(^$@%@ 给我一百万都不要!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
每个礼拜的车油费,过路费 我的时间我的精神 通通不是问题 只求能回家一趟

无论如何 家永远是最好的避风港 不要去想家人会给你什么 先想想你曾为家人做过了什么


喜欢一个人驾车 喜欢一个人在车内的享受 喜欢一个人奔驰的感觉


Do you believe in DESTINY? 在我人生中 我遇见 相信命运的人 也遇见 不相信命运的人
你 是哪一个?

Final Interview with Cathay Pacific

29th Jan My Final Interview early 8:00 am
I reached Kuala Lumpur on 28th Thanks Aunty & family for fetching me and I spent a great time with them

The interview held at the same place as first & second interview Crowne Plaza Mutiara Kuala Lumpur I reached there before 8am The west wing's door still close Therefore I called to the reception to request for opening the door After I kept my luggage at concierge  I went up to register myself
First We were carried out a test from computer The test was like asking you some question about your personal For example Do you like to be leader in a team? Are you optimistic? and so on The test is about 20 minutes
Done we were request to fill in a form for form submission the document included Passport Identity Card Birth certificate School Certificate Testimonial Passport Photo Updated resume Original & photocopies
The interviewer asked to read some passage in Malay & Mandarin the passage was like the announcement made by Flight Attendant on the aircraft

Eve of CNY

Har Guess where am I now

Is here
Not Home
Is my Uni
today is Chinese New Year Eve Am I suppose to be at home?
Har..I am not stay here for FYP or for any homework Is.. I still have 4 period of classes to attend After that will fly back my lovely PENANG Although have to go to class but I still can feel the environment of CNY!!!
1st,  I can't see any Chinese Student here 2nd,  the Mandarin Newspaper is very neat in IRC 3rd,
I went back to clean my house with my family last weekends

 Lingal kay po here and there

My brother said he wrote it....I doubt =p

When I am getting older and older I become a very homie girl No matter how busy I am i will hope to spend my time And appreciate the single time spend with my family
I saw many friends When growing up they tend to focus their life on their career Yes, this is correct but... For me The time that can spend with family is not much So...I really love CNY very much I Love my Family Very much
Last time in Diploma  We used to have reunion dinner wi…