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Weekends without my roommate

The first time ever I stay in my hostel without my roommate during weekends This decision is really hard to make I had been struggling for 4 days Finally I choose to stay 
At first I thought it will be damm lonely But Actually it is not 
After my test The first time I had my test  at the top roof of academic building

I walk back alone  Listening my favourite song
Back to my room Washing my clothes Drying my clothes Do my facial treatment with Clinique

Feel good on my face now
Cook my favourite Cup Noodle

(If my roommate saw this, sure she get shock, because I ban Cup Noodle and will never touch since few years ago) But this is my favourite Cup Noodle!!
And~ My favourite 3in1 Cappucino

With A comedy!!!
My friend said I am an independent girl But I am not a girl that can stand loneliness A person can stand loneliness means he is independent A person cannot stand loneliness not mean he is not independent correct or not?
So...I am? I agree I am a person cannot stand loneliness but...sometimes I very enjoy the privacy t…

疤 Scar

破镜可以重圆 但还是留下了疤痕

犯过的错 可以改过 但还是留下了痕迹 很难让人在接受回 那犯错的你

Funny Engineering Term

A Post I saw in FB


每个人看报纸 选择阅读的内容都不一样 有些人只看娱乐 有些人爱看头版 有些人只看体育 有些人爱看经济 而我看报纸第一份肯定是看副刊
我喜欢阅读星洲日报的副刊 小时候喜欢看副刊因为有星座 中学时期喜欢看副刊因为有英文小部落(好勤力哦) 慢慢的发现副刊有很多内容 就像今天的
“拔一根白发,生三根” 的说法,你相信吗?
原来这是不可能的 虽然一个毛囊不一定规律的只生一根头发 但头发的数量是有规律的 不会因为拔了一根,多生几根 头发的黑白 是关系到我们的黑色素细胞 人的年龄增长 黑色素的细胞减少 或无法传送到头发 所以导致白发
记得咯 这个说法是不对的哦 看到白发想拔就拔吧!!!
还有一个很有趣的 我想很多女生听了应该会很开心 “油炸食物和巧克力会让人脸上长痘痘” 我一直以来都不觉得这有影响我 但很多女生时常这么说 原来。。。这是错的!!!
人在压力大或荷尔蒙分泌旺盛期时段 都会比较爱吃油炸和甜的食物 而在这时段油脂分泌也比较旺盛 容易引起细菌繁殖生长 而引起痘痘
当我看到时的确很惊讶 是不是真的 大家就试试咯

I want to go back home NOW T.T

Just Wish to Go Back Home  . . . . . IMMEDIATELY

When I was a Ballerina

This video Recall me  The time I was learning Ballet
I Love Ballet I am a Ballerina since I was standard three I stopped Ballet in Form 3 I was an excellent student
*Happie* As I got Distinction for every Examination *Proud*
Ballet for me is a very gorgeous dance
Do I have a chance to learn back?

Random #1

我又回来我的大学了 我的大学 好难得我会这么光荣说出“我的大学”这四个字 不懂为何 但还是慢慢习惯了 (hey,I am a forth year student here, now only i said I 习惯 =.= )
可是 我又想家了 突然很感触的很想 好想念我姐 好开心好开心 今天他注册了 ^_______________________^ 不懂为何 真的很恨很开心 在上个星期 我的心情就很兴奋 只是没时间表达 所以快快在吃晚餐的时间写下来了 10年10月11日 希望姐姐可以永远幸福快乐
祝大家 101010快乐

101010 Congratulation Da Jie & Da Jie Fu

Congratulation My dearest Da Jie & Da Jie Fu

First Field Trip in my Life

The first ever field trip in my life lousy rite?? But I still very excited although I am damm busy
Date : 07th October 2010 Time : 8am ~ 8pm Venue : Cameron Highland Power Station Habu
( The third time I am in Cameron Highland for this year =p but still a worth trip )
First of all thanks to Ir.Faris for organizing the trip

Second, Thanks for Bobby as a leader

Third, Thanks for my course mate

Early Morning We gather at V2 Cafe
Reach Cameron Highland  Our First Station is Tea Valley

When we leaving the place and towards to Strawberry Farm " Hey, Naim Tak Ada!!" (Hey, Naim is not here) Someone shout to the front from the end of the bus "Serious Man~~" Bobby said so "Is true!!Naim is not in~~"
Haha...Naim lost Our bus trun back to Tea Valley and Pick up our Cute Naim
Reach Strawberry Farm

The Strawberry Juice  Nice ^.< Thanks to the Strawberry Farm Owner

Our Lunch at Tcafe

Yoke Mun

Jui Boon

Ping Hong

Choon Yan

Get Well Soon~



Just Love It Muackssssss ^.^

Tao Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant, 1st Curve, Ipoh

A sunny day Suddenly a mood to eat vegetarian Little cute choon yan drove her "whiteMyvi" and fetched three of us to Ipoh for a nice Vegetarian Food

But Finally we dropped into Tao Yuan Vegetarian Restaurant as we were using new road to Ipoh The restaurant is located at 1st curve The new road here means the road we never drive before =p
Ordering food

A snap with her...seems like very long not take photo together

This is ChoonYan “干炒河”

This is ShukYee “TomYam 米”

My “铁板面”

Our drinks

A nice restaurant and the food are nice and cheap too
It's Operation Time is  7:00 am to 2:30 pm 5:30pm to 10:00pm